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Here are some SAP Training courses I have designed. 


SAP Warehouse Management TRAINING.

A comprehensive SAP WM video training course that teaches you everything you should know to become a SAP WM consultant.

The Course covers SAP WM configuration training with ample hands on Demo on IDES.


SAP handling Unit Management Training.

A comprehensive course on SAP Handling Unit Management  Configuration  covering Hands on configuration Demo on all important topics you need to know-SAP HUM  , SAP SUM , RF-MOBILE DATA ENTRY

Master the configuration and concepts of these niche topics.



What participants Say... 

Well structured and easy to learn - Deepak 

I went through few sessions of the course, and the combination of text along with voice, helps in understanding the subject faster. I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like understand SAP WM concepts and configuration faster. I look forward to completing the whole course...(more)

Excellent course and very detailed -Mark Kirkup

I have not completed this course yet but I can already say that the course material is excellent and the instructor has clearly spent a long time planning the course delivery and makes this clear and easy to understand. I have worked on SAP for 17 years but I have never considered myself to be a WM expert but this course can without doubt teach anyone to become an expert and prepare them to be confident to market themselves as a WM Consultant. One thing I would like to say though is you must practice the content in this course in order to be able to find work. I would suggest setting up every different scenario in maybe 2-3 different warehouses. It takes time to do but then you should be well prepared to answer any questions that a client may have for you. After I complete the course and do enough practice myself I am going to find my first job as a SAP WM consultant so I can apply my new skills to a real life project. Thanks to Samir for the excellent course and delivery...(more)  

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