Why SAP WM/ SAP HUM Configuration Training is Important


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Good Day! Are you aspiring to learn and master niche SAP topics like SAP Warehouse Management Configuration or SAP Handling Unit Management Configuration , SAP RF Mobile Data Entry configuration ?

Good .You are at the right place.Here is something I want to share with you-

For a consultant, having knowledge of more than one module, other than your basic competency module, has become an industry norm.Clients want to have a consultant skilled in more than one module. We understand that if we are working in logistics area and have knowledge of modules like SAP Warehouse Management / SAP Handling Unit Management / SAP  RF Mobile Data Entry , on the top of your basic competency modules like Materials Management / Sales and Distribution / Logistice Execution etc , we tremendously improve our prospects of getting good projects as these are very niche skills. If you are skilled in any or all of these niche modules you are most sought after SAP Logistics professional. 

Okay. But how do we learn SAP modules?

You will agree that most of the times we try to learn SAP in a passive way - for eg browse SAP help sites as and when we have questions . Post questions on forums , read articles, materials eg. SCM630 SCM631, SCM660 etc etc.  We try to practice in bits and pieces on SAP system or IDES etc. Some time we get the scenario right or we sometimes we don't get it.Many a times we learn concepts  by chance while struggling with some thing else. And some times we may not implement the correct solution as we are not aware of the business perspective behind it. 

In this way we easily spend 4 to 6 months or even more (depending on the motivation) . And at the end of it we may not know enough or know well the full functionality offered by SAP in these modules.I don't say its wrong to gather knowledge this way. But you can use this approach  to sharpen your skills after having the fundamentals clear.To understand the fundamentals of these modules and build a solid foundation  you need to have a focused learning approach that is crisp clear and time bound. 

How ? The answer is proper Training. 

Many thousands of people haven't been able to take that first step into the world of SAP or upgrade their skills therein because the training available either isn't readily accessible or because it is priced out of reach.

I understand this well as I have been through the same process.

 When I was in the process of creating this site to share my knowledge from my project experience I had many SAP topics on SAP WM and SAP HUM in mind which I shared on this site. But this was a random way of sharing knowledge. I realized that a systematic video training course on these topics will be immensely helpful to anyone to rapidly and systematically understand the configuration and business perspective behind the configuration which cannot be matched by plain reading. More importantly such a video training course is very affordable as compared to similar SAP training and you can revisit the lectures if you need to refresh the concepts. It cuts down the waste of time that happens when we get drifted from our objective while browsing .Also it allows us to study online from any place. 

With this in mind I created very comprehensive video training courses on SAP Warehouse Management configuration and SAP Handling Unit Management Configuration .These are professional consultant level training courses which train you on the detailed configuration in these modules. The courses I have created are the result of a painstaking preparation for demo of scenarios and post production activities.It is a time consuming activity.But I am happy to receive great feedback about the course from participants and glad I was able to help many fellow consultants.

Enrolling in such a professional SAP training course proves to be a wise investment in terms of time and money in the long term.Take for example topics like RF mob data entry or WM-PP or WM-QM interface.When you have the requirement to set up such a configuration for your client -you may scour the internet for information -get it in bits and pieces ,try implementing and re implementing and may or may not get it right. OR you can just visit the required sessions in the course,see the configuration demo  and implement the solution as per your requirement with full understanding of the concept.

Finally its your call. You can pursue your aspirations actively by taking action today or continue passive learning by browsing through articles on the internet.

I will still keep on adding material to this site, which any one can refer,as and when I get time.

Happy Learning!!!


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