Hey there,

I am an SAP consultant and this is my home on the internet, from where I share learning’s from my personal experience as a WM consultant .
What ever I write or explain here is solely my opinion based on my understanding through my experiences .I have written some articles and tried to create some tutorials or screen casts for the benefit of others which will help to share my understanding related to WM topics.
The sites www.sapwmonline.com and SAP Training School and Saplet – SAP Learning and eTraining are my endeavors to bring knowledge and skills required to be a professional SAP Consultant in logistics domain, to anyone who wants to consider acquiring this knowledge for better professional opportunities in this field.
I am in no way affiliated with SAP AG and the opinions expressed in the content, tutorials or the screen casts are solely mine based on my experiences as a consultant working in the supply chain area. I hope it helps you.
Samir Suryawanshi

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