Goods receipt process in SAP WM

 In this article I will explain the various ways we can do a goods receipt process in SAP WM i.e GR in a warehouse, if we don’t want to do it with the standard way for Goods receipt -Transfer Order-Transfer order confirm.

Many times there is a requirement from business that stock in the warehouse should be considered available in system for orders only after put away is done. i.e. only after the stock is put away in bins it should be seen as available stock at IM level and the orders for that material to be processed .

 We know that in standard SAP WM , the stock is available as unrestricted stock the moment goods receipt is done.Even though at the warehouse level the stock is still lying in the interim storage area.

In some warehouses it may take upto 48 hrs to finally put away the material in the warehouse bins.

During this time if a customer places order for that material then it is going to be difficult to locate that material in the warehouse bins even though the material shows available at the Storage location level.

 Although an ideal recommendation in this case would be to avoid put away and use cross docking functionality .

There  are a couple of  options to  address this.

1)Storage location control functionality : 

There is a specific  solution as mentioned in scenario 3 of SAP help for Storage location control. Here if you have defined your MRP area  for storage location .this means the goods are available only once they are posted in the MRP relevant storage location.
Here you need to have two storage locations linked to the warehouse.Out of which one storage location is the interim area where goods are received immediately on Goods receipt.A TO is created when the goods are received. Once the TO is confirmed the goods automatically move to the MRP relevant storage location .

2) With Inbound Delivery :

Another option is to use inbound delivery to get material into the warehouse.With an inbound delivery you need to create a Transfer order w.r.t to the inbound delivery.

After  the put away is done ,the Transfer order is confirmed .Once the Transfer order is confirm we can set the configuration to post Goods receipt in the Inbounddeliver .The configuration is done in shipping control node i.e LE-Warehouse management-Interface-Shipping-Define shipping control.

  In the node for ‘Define Shipping Control at the Movement Type Level’  select option 2 for mvt 101 in your warehouse .

3) One more option is put the stock in block stock while GR101. After confirmation of TO in to the final bin, unblock it using LQ02. You can use back ground job of LQ02 program to unblock the material with specific interval. After LQ02, at IM and WM level stock would be converted to unrestricted at the same time. This way, customer can book the order at the time of bin stock availability. Prerequisite is, your storage type should allow mix storage. This way, when sales order is placed, stock would be available only after putting away in to the bin.  

Thus there are different options of doing the Goods receipt process in SAP WM. These could be adopted by clients based on their business scenarios.

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