Production Kitting using SAP WM-PP interface

In this article I will explain how we can achieve production kitting using SAP WM-PP interface.

Let us understand the use of production kitting in SAP WM scenario. Some times there is a need to assemble parts for a finished product before shipping them out to customer. We cannot stock the final product as it takes up lot of space to store them in bins. The finished product is not a regular produced item on a production line. The warehouse is only stocking spares and shipping the finished product based on orders. i.e No regular manufacturing plant location involved. In this cases we can use concept of production kitting using SAP WM-PP interface.

In such a case we can . The production order will release the child component for staging .After assembly a GR can be done to receive the finished component into the destination bin. This can be picked and shipped against the customer order.

The following customization is required to be done for setting WM-PP interface. This customization is for production order scenario.

step1 : SPRO – LE-Warehouse managment-Interfaces-Define Production.

Set up the production scheduling profile by copying the standard prod. scheduling profile. I have created Z00002 here. In the production scheduling below setting is to be done by changing the default one. This prod.scheduling profile will further be linked to the material master.

Select 1 if you want immediate Transfer order to be created upon release of production order.

With this setting ,once you release the production order ,a Transfer requirement and a Transfer order will be created.The transfer order can be used as a pick list to pick the child components.


Save and go back to the PP interface main menu.In the whse management button view select the PP interface active

Step 3

Save and go back to the PP interface main menu. In the Replenishment movement type tab assign mvt 319 as replenishment movement to storage type 100.

Step 4

Once this is done ,you need to maintain master data

1)Material master

In the Material master ,in the work scheduling profile view ,maintain the production scheduling profile , that you earlier created .This is required for child components only. Parent material need not have it as it is not going to be staged.

2)Production supply area: Use transaction PK05 to maintain production supply area.

3)Control cycle: Maintain control cycle using transaction LPK1. Inside the control cycle note the below settings to be done.

You can either specify a fixed bin you have created in the production storage type 100. 

(This is to differentiate the material being staged onto different lines if it is a manufacturing site.) Since in our case it is not a regular manufacturing site , we can use a dynamic bin which is actually the production order number.When dynamic bin is ticked , actual storage bin is not required to be entered.

From PP side you will need to maintain the following master data

1) Work centre – Use Tcode CR01

2)Routing -Use Tcode CA01. Routing captures the work centre for the parent component

3)Production BOM -Use Tcode CS01.

Steps for executing the Production order scenario-

1)Once you receive a customer order , a production order is created for the quantity required using CO01.

2) Release the production order with transaction CO02.

3)Once the production order is released ,it will create Transfer order in the back ground for the child components. The destination bin will be a dynamic bin in storage type 100.

4)Once the items are picked and brought to the assembly area ,confirm the Transfer order.

5)Do a goods receipt for the parent component with CO11n.This will consume the child components(mvt 261 ) and produce parent component (mvt 101)

A transfer order will be created for the parent component for put away.

6)This parent components can be now picked for the customer order using normal delivery.

This is the standard way of achieving production kitting using SAP WM-PP interface.

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