SAP Handling Unit Management Training

” A comprehensive sap training course on SAP Handling Management to help you master SAP HUM, SUM and RF Mobile concepts and configuration .” 

This SAP Handling Unit Management training course is a very comprehensive video training course on niche topics of SAP HUM , SAP SUM and RF Mobile Data Entry. It is a mix of relevant theory and ample hands on system demonstration on IDES for all the important concepts related to SAP HUM ,SAP SUM and RF mobile data entry . Any consultant working in the Logistics space will find this course extremely valuable add on to his/her skill set. This course helps you to master the concepts of SAP HUM ,SUM and RF Mobile data entry and rapidly build your configuration skills in these areas.

You can check the curriculum and some of the free preview lectures before enrolling. This is a very honest and transparent attempt to provide a high quality and affordable training in a niche SAP module like(HUM) Handling Unit Management along with RF-Mob Data config. 

What do you get from this SAP Handling Unit Management Course course?

  • With this course on SAP Handling Unit Management you will learn in depth about Handling Unit Functionality
  • You will learn the configuration for Handling Units with and without warehouse.
  • You will learn how to work with Handling Units and Storage Units.
  • You will learn how to map procurement and distribution sub processes using handling units within a cross-process scenario
  • You will learn the Handling Unit output configuration and bar codes customization.
  • You will learn concepts and configuration of Storage Unit Management .
  • With this course on Handling Unit Management you will learn about the SAP RF solution concepts.
  • You will learn concepts of SAP RF Mobile Data entry.
  • You will learn how to configure and design your own RF menu in SAP.

Note- SAP HUM , SUM and RF Mobile Data entry requires basic understanding  of SAP Warehouse Management. For those who are looking to master SAP WM also ,my training course on SAP Warehouse Management Training will be extremely helpful.

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