SAP Handling Unit Management

Understanding Handling Unit Management.

SAP developed the concept of Handling Unit which was earlier known as the shipping unit.

A Handling unit is an identification for a material in packing based logistics. A handling unit is defined as a physical unit that consists the combination of packaging material and material. All the information contained in the material items, such as batches and serial numbers, is always available by way of the handling units . 

SAP WM offers the functionality of  having Handling units with unique, scannable identification numbers that can be formed according to standards such as EAN 128 or SSCC .

Note: EAN 128 is a barcode standard which is based on code 128 symbology .SSCC is The serial shipping container code (SSCC) is an 18-digit number used to identify logistics units. The SSCC code is printed as per EAN 128 standards.
This has immense implication in the supply chain within which an organisation operates. As the  SSCC  for any shipment  is unique universally it can be used by vendors and customers to track the history of the material , do goods receipts of the shipments by simple scanning the sscc bar code on the packed item. Such is the implication of using SSCC barcodes that some of the organisations like walmart  and woolworth have a mandate that all the vendors supplying them items should  supply them goods with SSCC barcodes thus aiding quick inbound of the shipments in their distribution centres.
The Handling unit in SAP is unique at the client level. What makes it unique is the logic of generating the SSCC number. The check digit is determined based on a logic which makes it .


SSCC 18 Barcode Check Digit Calculation

You have 17 digit number .Put the number in 17 cells of an excel sheet. To calculate the 18th digit which is the check proceed as follow-

From the right to left, assign the odd/even position to each digit N1 ,N2,N3..N17 .

Start with odd position. N1,N3,N5..N17

Sum all digits in odd position and multiply the result by 3.

Sum all digits in even position. N2,N4,N6..N16

Get the total for the two steps above and divide the result by 10. The check digit is the number which adds the remainder to 10.

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