Handling unit management and Storage unit management .

 This article attempts to clarify the two concepts HUM and SUM and how is their relation.

A storage unit is used in warehouse management, it may represent boxes, pallets, etc. You can move the goods (quants) referring to the SU(storage unit). It important to note that  that the SU is used only in WM and not in IM whereas…. Handling units are used in both WM, IM. The handling unit is a composite of the product and packaging material: product + packaging material = handling unit 
If you are using both HUM and WM, the HU becomes a storage unit.

Storage Unit Management:
1.Storage Unit Management can be controlled for each storage type and allows you through the use of Storage Unit’s to manage material quantities for each container or pallet as a self contained unit within a storage type.

2.Certain storage functions such as mixed storage control ,removal from storage functions in bulk storage ,or capacity checks requires use of SUM in the warehouse as prerequisite.

Storage Unit Management is activated for following reasons

1.Movement of mixed pallets as a single unit within the warehouse.
2.Identification & management of materials using storage unit numbers assigned internally or externally.
3.WM can communicate with fork lift control systems via interface without having to maintain material data in the external system.
Handling Unit Management:
1.Handling Unit Management represents a packaging controlled logistics system in which all movements are mapped through Handling Unit’s .
2.If you use Handling Unit Management then you must use the GR process with inbound deliveries.
3.If you use Handling Unit Management in connection with WM then you must activate storage unit management for all storage types in which you want to store HU’s.
4.During putaway the system creates Storage Units for the Handling Unit of the reference document ,e.g.inbound delivery.This Storage Unit has the same identification number as its sister Handling Unit.
5.Handling Unit Management must be activated for each plant/storage location combination.
6.Handling Unit itself is created in inbound delivery during packaging.

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