SAP Slotting and Re arrangement

Slotting and rearrangement concept :

In this article I will discuss a few points regarding  Slotting and Re arrangement in a warehouse at a conceptual level.

It is a known fact that intelligent put away will result in efficient picking. Warehouse managers  aim at storing material in a warehouse in a way that will help pick it in minimum time.

The material kept at a lower rack can be picked more easily then the one in a higher rack.

Hence at regular intervals ,a slotting and re arrangement exercise is done in order to arrange the material to be able to be picked fast.

Slotting is term we find introduced in SAP eWM .The following definition is from SAP help .

During slotting the system determines the underlying storage parameters that are relevant for put away on the basis of master data, that is, product data, requirement data, and packaging data. These parameters describe the storage section in which the product is to be stored, the properties that the storage bin is to have, and the putaway strategy that is to be used.

The requirement data is focussing on the projected demand of the product based on past data.

Re arrangement is the excercise moving of material from the bins to the most optimum bin from where it could be picked easily.This is done by looking at the picking frequency of the material and having the high velocity items arranged in the golden zone or so.

In terms of SAP WM standards simply put Slotting refers to the most ergonomic  way of storing material in a warehouse to aid efficient picking .

As per general understanding  slotting is an the exercise  of re arrangement of material into bins based on past statistical sales data  .That is system will calculate the frequency of the material picked for sales order and determine if the current existing position of the material is most ergonomic to be picked. If it is not, than move it to a more appropriate bin (re arrangement)

In Standard SAP WM we don’t have the direct slotting functionality available as tool.But if we look at it practically we have some form of slotting in the Fixed bin put away. 

The fixed bins have min and max quantities marked.If  the stock in the bins gets depleted it is replenished with stock from over flow bins (re arrangement)

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