SAP Tables

Here are some of the important SAP Logistics Tables most commonly referred to

Enterprise structure 

T880 Company
T001 Company code
TKA01 Controlling area
T001W Plant / sales organisation
T499S Locations
TSPA Division
TVKO Sales organisation / company code
TVTW Distribution channel
TVBUR Sales office
TVKGR Sales group
TVGRT Sales group text 
T171T Sales district text
T001L Storage locations
T024E Purchasing organization
T3001 Warehouse number
TVST Shipping point
TVLA Loading point
TTDS Transportation
CO TKA02 Assign company code to controlling area
LO T001K Assign plant (valuation area) to company code
SD TVKO Sales organisation / company code
TVKOV Distribution channel / sales organisation
TVKOS Division to sales organization
TVTA Sales area
TVKBZ Sales office to sales area
TVBVK Sales group to sales office
TVKWZ          Plants to sales organization
MM T024E Purchasing organization / company code
T024W Plant to Purchase organization 
T001K Link plant ( = valuation area) / company code
TVSWZ Shipping point to plant
T320 Assignment MM Storage Location to WM Warehouse

Material master :
MAKT   Material text
MARC Material per plant / stock
MVKE Material master, sales data
MARD Storage location / stock
MSKA Sales order stock
MSPR Project stock
MARM Units of measure
MEAN International article number
PGMI         Planning material
  PROP         Forecast parameters
MBEW Material valuation
MVER Material consumption
MLGN Material / Warehouse number
MLGT Material / Storage type
MPRP Forecast profiles
MDTB MRP table
MDKP Header data for MRP document
MLAN Tax data material master
MTQSS Material master view: QM 
Sales and Distribution (SD) :
VBFA   Document flow (alg.)
VTFA    Flow shipping documents
Sales order :
VBAK Header data
VBAP  Item data
VBPA         Partners in sales order
VBKD Sales district data
VBEP         Data related to line items, delivery lines
Billing document :
VBRK       header data
VBRP  Item data
Shipping :
VTTK Shipment header
VTTP        Shipment item
VTTS        Stage in transport
VTSP       Stage in transport per shipment item
VTPA       Shipment partners
VEKP      Handling Unit - Header Table
VEPO      Packing: Handling Unit Item (Contents)
Delivery :
LIKP      Delivery header
LIPS       Delivery item
VBUK   Sales Document: Header Status and Administrative Data
VBUP   Sales Document: Item Status
Pricing :
KONH  Conditions header
KONP Conditions items
KONV Procedure ( billing doc or sales order)
Contracts :
VEDA Contract data

Customer master data
KNA1 Customer master
KNB1 Customer / company
KNVV Customer sales data
KNBK Bank details
KNVH Customer hierarchy
KNVP Customer partners
KNVS Shipment data for customer
KNVK Contact persons
KNVI        Customer master tax indicator

       Vendor Master
LFA1         Vendor master
LFB1         Vendor per company code
LFB5  Vendor dunning data
LFM1 Purchasing organisation data
LFM2 Purchasing data
LFBK         Bank details

MCH1 Batches
MCHB Stock : batches

 Customer – material info record
  KNMT     Customer material info recor
  Bank Data
Material Management (MM) :
Material document
MKPF material document
MSEG material document (item level)

EKKO Purchase document
EKPO Purchase document (item level)
EKPV Shipping-Specific Data on Stock Tfr. for Purch. Doc. Item
EKET Delivery schedule
VETVG Delivery Due Index for Stock Transfer
EKES Order Acceptance/Fulfillment Confirmations
EKKN Account assignment in purchasing
EKAN Vendor address purchasing
EKPA Partner functions
EIPO Item export / import data
EINA Purchase info record (main data)
EINE Purchase info record (organizational data)
EORD Source list
EBAN Purchase requisition
EBKN Purchase Requisition Account Assignment

Warehouse Management (WM) :
Transfer requirement
LTBK Transfer requirement - header
LTBP Transfer requirement - item
Transfer order
LTAK Transfer order - header
LTAP Transfer order - item

Master data - stock positions
LQUA Quants

Inventory documents in WM
LINK Inventory document header
LINP Inventory document item
LINV Inventory data per quant

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