SAP WM Batch search strategy configuration tutorial.

In this article I will explain how to do configuration for SAP WM batch search strategy.

During picking activity, many a times we need to pick batches with specific criteria depending on business or customer requirements. SAP WM batch search strategy allows us a better control of the criteria on which ¬†a batch is to be selected like warehouse number, movement type etc. Off course, if it is a standard requirement of shelf life expiration date to be arranged in ascending order, it can be still achieved using strategy ‘H’ shelf life expiration date. But for many specific requirements SAP WM batch search strategy is needed to be configured.

If required a suitable exit can also be used to check the customer for which the delivery is being picked and a strategy applied. The search strategy is triggered during creation of Transfer order.

Below are the steps to configure SAP WM batch search strategy :

step 1

SPRO- Logistics general-Batch Managment-Batch Determination and batch check.

Select condition table.

step 2: Condition table

We want to set up batch search strategy on warehouse name and movement type.

We will use already existing standard condition table 11.

However if you want to maintain new condition table u can use number from 501 to 999. 

Here I am showing how to create a table say 902 just as an example. Select the fields from the field catalogue and then generate the table.

Condition Table creation

step 3: Maintain access sequence

Access seq WM02 already exists.Or make new access seq with the the sequence in which the tables u want the strategy to access .Here we have only one table 11.

If a new access seq. needs to be generated then it should be with character Z.

Step 4: Define strategy type

Using standard strategy type WM02

 Assign the classification details

Step 4:

Define SORT rule. SORT rule is required to sort the selected batches in ascending or descending order. .

 I created new sort rule SHELF _LIFE_EXPI  and added characteristic LOBM_LFDAT .The characteristic field must be known before defining .

Step 6 : Define search procedure

I copied WM0001 to create my own new seach procedure ZWM00S 

In control data put condition type WM02

Step 7: Assign WM search procedure

You can assign procedure to either a warehouse or warehouse/movement type combination.

Once this is done the configuration for Batch search strategy is complete.

Now you can create a condition record for your warehouse and movement type combination.

Tcode LS51

Selection criteria has to be maintined in condition record.

I am maintaining remaining shelf life as < 10 for sorting batches .

Save this condition record. 


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