SAP WM Print Control Demo

SAP  WM uses the print control functionality to control the printing   of the warehouse documents unlike other modules where we configure output types and maintain condition records.There is a lot of flexibility possible in printing warehouse documents,like deciding the document to be print , number of documents, printers to be used,different printers for Labels and Forms etc.

For more details on the customisation please watch the screen cast tutorial below.

SAP WM Print Control demo by Samir Suryawanshi

Note that the sort code/collective profile  setup (15 sorting fields) as described in the screen cast  is used to sort TO’s when using a multiple TO scenario like 2 step picking /wave picking. I missed giving this detail in the demo video.

 SAP does not look at the fields maintained there in if you are using normal TO scenario.

The following user exits are available in print control area

MWMD0001 TO printing using print program RLVSDR40

MWMD0002 TO printing (multiple processing) through print program RLKOMM40 .

A list of user exits is available in the article I have written on sap-wm-user-exits.

 Some times it is needed to export the documents in pdf format for users to review. This is how it could be done.

Exporting the Contents of a Spool Request as a PDF File

If you want to  export the contents of a spool request as a PDF file to a directory of your choice, and print the file as required. The PDF file contains the print data in the format in which it would be output by the printer.


The PDF file is generated as follows with report RSTXPDFT4:

       1.      Generate a spool request from the document to be printed.

       2.      In transaction SE38, start report rstxpdft4.

       3.      In the displayed window, enter the spool request number and the directory in which the PDF file is to be stored.

Leave the Download PDF File option selected.

Choose  Execute.

       4.      In the next window, you can confirm or change the path in which the file is be stored.

Save your entries.

       5.      The system displays a log from which you can see whether the report was successfully performed.

You can then open the file from the directory and print it as required.

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