SAP WM Tcodes for quick reference

SAP WM Tcodes list for quick reference as below

Given below are the most frequently used SAP WM Tcodes list for quick reference. All the available SAP WM Tcode are (WM Transaction codes) are arranged as per activity.

SAP WM Tcodes for Operational Reports
LX01     –  List of Empty Storage Bins
LX02     –  Inventory List
LX03     –  Bin Status Report
LX04     –  Capacity Used
LX05     –  Block Bins in Bl.Storage w .Time Limt
LX06     –  Inventory List for Fire Department
LX07     –  Check storage
LX08     –  Accident Regulations List
LX09     –  Overview of All Transfer Requirements
LX10     –  Activities per Storage Type
LX11     –  Overview of Documents
LX12     –  Document Overview: Landscape Format
LX13     –  Analysis of Differences
LX14     –  Analysis of Material Transfers
LX15     –  Selection of Bins for Annual Inventory
LX16     –  Selection of Bins for Continuous Inventory
LX17     –  List of Inventory Differences
LX18     –  Statistics of Inventory Differences
LX19     –  Inventory Data Takeover by Batch Inp.
LX20     –  Generate interim storage bins
LX21     –  Pick List for Several Transfer Order
LX22     –  Process Inventory from Overview
LX23     –  Stock comparison IM – WM
LX24     –  Display of Hazardous Material numbers
LX25     –  Inventory Status
LX26     –  Inventory in WM via cycle counting
LX27     –  Stock levels by shelf life expiry date
LX28     –  Relevant TO item for ext.system
LX29     –  Fixed bin supervision
LX30     –  Overview of WM messages ext.system
LX31     –  Analysis of print control tables
LX32     –  Archived transfer orders
LX33     –  Archived transfer requirements
LX34     –  Archived posting change notices
LX35     –  Archived system inventory records
LX36     –  Archived inventory histories
LX37     –  Linked objects
LX38     –  Check Report Customizing Strategy K
LX39     –  Evaluation Reference No. for 2-S.Pck
LX40     –  Material Situation Prod. Storage Bin
LX41     –  Bin Status Report WM/PP Interface
LX42     –  Evaluation PP Order from WM View
LX43     –  Consistency Check for Control Cycles MCL9     
SAP WM Tcodes for Transfer order 

LT01     –  Create Transfer Order
LT02     –  Create TO for Inventory Difference
LT03     –  Create TO from Delivery Note
LT04     –  Create TO from TR
LT05     –  Process Posting Change Notice
LT06     –  Create TO for Material Document
LT10     –  Create Transfer Order from List
LT11     –  Confirm Transfer Order Item
LT12     –  Confirm Transfer Order
LT13     –  Confirm TO for storage unit
LT14     –  Confirm preplanned TO item
LT15     –  Canceling transfer order
LT16     –  Canceling TO for storage unit
LT17     –  Single Entry of Actual Data
LT1A     –  Change Transfer Order
LT21     –  Display Transfer Order
LT22     –  Display Transfer Order / Storage Type
LT23     –  Display Transfer Orders by Numbers
LT24     –  Display Transfer Order / Material
LT25     –  Display Transfer Order / Reference
LT26     –  Transfer orders for storage bin
LT27     –  Transfer order for storage unit
LT28     –  Display Transfer Order / Reference
LT31     –  Print TO Manually
LT32     –  Print transfer order for storageunit
LT41     –  Prepare TRs for Multiple Processing
LT42     –  Create TOs by Multiple Processing
LT43     –  Forming groups for deliveries
LT44     –  Release for Multiple Processing
LT45     –  Evaluation of reference numbers
LT51     –  Maintain Missing Stock
LT63     –  Control: Single Entry of Actual Data
LT64     –  Single Entry of Actual Data
LT72     –  Determine 2-step relevance
LT73     –  Display 2-step
Miscellaneous SAP WM Tcodes for Transfer order

LT07     –  Create TO for mixed storage unit
LT08     –  Manual addition to storage unit
LT09     –  ID point function for storage units
LT0A     –  Pre-plan storage units
LT0B     –  Stock Placement of Shipping Units
LT0C     –  Stock Removal of Shipping Units
LT0D     –  Stock Transfer of Shipping Units
LT0E     –  Create Removal TO for 2-Step Picking
SAP WM Tcodes for Transfer Requirement

LB01     –  Create Transfer Requirement
LB02     –  Change transfer requirement
LB03     –  Display Transfer Requirement
LB10     –  TRs for Storage Type
LB11     –  TRs for Material
LB12     –  TRs and Posting Change for MLEat.Doc.
LB13     –  TRs for Requirement
SAP WM Tcodes for Inventory Process

LI01     –  Create System Inventory Record
LI02     –  Change System Inventory Record
LI03     –  Display System Inventory Record
LI04     –  Print System Inventory Record
LI05     –  Inventory History for Storage Bin
LI06     –  Block Storage types for annual invent.
LI11     –  Enter Inventory Count
LI12     –  Change inventory count
LI13     –  Display Inventory Count
LI14     –  Start Inventory Recount
LI20     –  Clear Inventory Differences WM
LI21     –  Clear Inventory Differences in MM-IM

SAP WM Tcodes for Number Ranges

LN01     –  Number Ranges for Transfer Requirement
LN02     –  Number Ranges for Transfer Orders
LN03     –  Number Ranges for Quants
LN04     –  Number Ranges for Posting Changes
LN05     –  Number Ranges for Inventory
LN06     –  Number Ranges for Reference Number
LN08     –  Number Range Maintenance: LVS_LENUM
SAP WM Tcodes for Post Change Notice

LU01     –  Create Posting Change Notice
LU02     –  Change Posting Change Notice
LU03     –  Display Posting Change Notice
LU04     –  Selection of Posting Change Notices

SAP WM Tcode for Master Data and Reports

LS01     –  Create Warehouse Master Record
LS02     –  Change Warehouse Master Record
LS03     –  Display Warehouse Master Record
LS04     –  Display Empty Storage Bins
LS05     –  Generate Storage Bins
LS06     –  Block Storage Bins
LS07     –  Block Quants
LS08     –  Block Storage Bins per Aisle
LS09     –  Display Material Data for Storage Type
LS11     –  Change storage bins (multiple proc.)
LS12     –  Block Storage type
LS22     –  Change Quants
LS23     –  Display Quants
LS24     –  Display Quants for Material
LS25     –  Display Quants per Storage Bin
LS26     –  Stock of Material
LS27     –  Display Quants for storage unit
LS28     –  Display storage units / bin
LS32     –  Change storage unit
LS33     –  Display storage unit
LS41     –  List of control cycles for WIP loc
SAP WM Tcodes for Warehouse Activity Monitor
LL01     –  Warehouse Activity Monitor

Tcode for Warehouse Menu

LLVS     –  WM Menu
SAP WM Tcodes for Hazardous Materials

VM01     –  Create Hazardous Material
VM02     –  Change Hazardous Material
VM03     –  Display Hazardous Material

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