WM Tcodes for Operational Reports

LX01     -  List of Empty Storage Bins
LX02     -  Inventory List
LX03     -  Bin Status Report
LX04     -  Capacity Used
LX05     -  Block Bins in Bl.Storage w .Time Limt
LX06     -  Inventory List for Fire Department
LX07     -  Check storage
LX08     -  Accident Regulations List
LX09     -  Overview of All Transfer Requirements
LX10     -  Activities per Storage Type
LX11     -  Overview of Documents
LX12     -  Document Overview: Landscape Format
LX13     -  Analysis of Differences
LX14     -  Analysis of Material Transfers
LX15     -  Selection of Bins for Annual Inventory
LX16     -  Selection of Bins for Continuous Inventory
LX17     -  List of Inventory Differences
LX18     -  Statistics of Inventory Differences
LX19     -  Inventory Data Takeover by Batch Inp.
LX20     -  Generate interim storage bins
LX21     -  Pick List for Several Transfer Order
LX22     -  Process Inventory from Overview
LX23     -  Stock comparison IM - WM
LX24     -  Display of Hazardous Material numbers
LX25     -  Inventory Status
LX26     -  Inventory in WM via cycle counting
LX27     -  Stock levels by shelf life expiry date
LX28     -  Relevant TO item for ext.system
LX29     -  Fixed bin supervision
LX30     -  Overview of WM messages ext.system
LX31     -  Analysis of print control tables
LX32     -  Archived transfer orders
LX33     -  Archived transfer requirements
LX34     -  Archived posting change notices
LX35     -  Archived system inventory records
LX36     -  Archived inventory histories
LX37     -  Linked objects
LX38     -  Check Report Customizing Strategy K
LX39     -  Evaluation Reference No. for 2-S.Pck
LX40     -  Material Situation Prod. Storage Bin
LX41     -  Bin Status Report WM/PP Interface
LX42     -  Evaluation PP Order from WM View
LX43     -  Consistency Check for Control Cycles MCL9     
WM Tcodes for Transfer order 

LT01     -  Create Transfer Order
LT02     -  Create TO for Inventory Difference
LT03     -  Create TO from Delivery Note
LT04     -  Create TO from TR
LT05     -  Process Posting Change Notice
LT06     -  Create TO for Material DocumentLT10     -  Create Transfer Order from List
LT11     -  Confirm Transfer Order Item
LT12     -  Confirm Transfer Order
LT13     -  Confirm TO for storage unit
LT14     -  Confirm preplanned TO item
LT15     -  Canceling transfer order
LT16     -  Canceling TO for storage unit
LT17     -  Single Entry of Actual Data
LT1A     -  Change Transfer Order
LT21     -  Display Transfer Order
LT22     -  Display Transfer Order / Storage Type
LT23     -  Display Transfer Orders by Numbers
LT24     -  Display Transfer Order / Material
LT25     -  Display Transfer Order / Reference
LT26     -  Transfer orders for storage bin
LT27     -  Transfer order for storage unit
LT28     -  Display Transfer Order / Reference
LT31     -  Print TO Manually
LT32     -  Print transfer order for storageunit
LT41     -  Prepare TRs for Multiple Processing
LT42     -  Create TOs by Multiple Processing
LT43     -  Forming groups for deliveries
LT44     -  Release for Multiple Processing
LT45     -  Evaluation of reference numbers
LT51     -  Maintain Missing Stock
LT63     -  Control: Single Entry of Actual Data
LT64     -  Single Entry of Actual Data
LT72     -  Determine 2-step relevance
LT73     -  Display 2-step
WM miscelleneous Tcodes for Transfer order

LT07     -  Create TO for mixed storage unit
LT08     -  Manual addition to storage unit
LT09     -  ID point function for storage units
LT0A     -  Pre-plan storage units
LT0B     -  Stock Placement of Shipping Units
LT0C     -  Stock Removal of Shipping Units
LT0D     -  Stock Transfer of Shipping Units
LT0E     -  Create Removal TO for 2-Step Picking
WM Tcodes for Transfer Requirement

LB01     -  Create Transfer Requirement
LB02     -  Change transfer requirement
LB03     -  Display Transfer Requirement
LB10     -  TRs for Storage Type
LB11     -  TRs for Material
LB12     -  TRs and Posting Change for MLEat.Doc.
LB13     -  TRs for Requirement
WM Tcodes for Inventory Process

LI01     -  Create System Inventory Record
LI02     -  Change System Inventory Record
LI03     -  Display System Inventory Record
LI04     -  Print System Inventory Record
LI05     -  Inventory History for Storage Bin
LI06     -  Block Storage types for annual invent.
LI11     -  Enter Inventory Count
LI12     -  Change inventory count
LI13     -  Display Inventory Count
LI14     -  Start Inventory Recount
LI20     -  Clear Inventory Differences WM
LI21     -  Clear Inventory Differences in MM-IM
WM Tcodes for Number Ranges

LN01     -  Number Ranges for Transfer Requirement
LN02     -  Number Ranges for Transfer Orders
LN03     -  Number Ranges for Quants
LN04     -  Number Ranges for Posting Changes
LN05     -  Number Ranges for Inventory
LN06     -  Number Ranges for Reference Number
LN08     -  Number Range Maintenance: LVS_LENUM
Tcode for Warehouse Activity Monitor
LL01     -  Warehouse Activity Monitor

Tcode for Warehouse Menu

LLVS     -  WM Menu
WM Tcodes for Post Change Notice

LU01     -  Create Posting Change Notice
LU02     -  Change Posting Change Notice
LU03     -  Display Posting Change Notice
LU04     -  Selection of Posting Change Notices
WM Tcode for Master Data and Reports

LS01     -  Create Warehouse Master Record
LS02     -  Change Warehouse Master Record
LS03     -  Display Warehouse Master Record
LS04     -  Display Empty Storage Bins
LS05     -  Generate Storage Bins
LS06     -  Block Storage Bins
LS07     -  Block Quants
LS08     -  Block Storage Bins per Aisle
LS09     -  Display Material Data for Storage Type
LS11     -  Change storage bins (multiple proc.)
LS12     -  Block Storage type
LS22     -  Change Quants
LS23     -  Display Quants
LS24     -  Display Quants for Material
LS25     -  Display Quants per Storage Bin
LS26     -  Stock of Material
LS27     -  Display Quants for storage unit
LS28     -  Display storage units / bin
LS32     -  Change storage unit
LS33     -  Display storage unit
LS41     -  List of control cycles for WIP loc
WM Tcodes for Hazardous Materials

VM01     -  Create Hazardous Material
VM02     -  Change Hazardous Material
VM03     -  Display Hazardous Material

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