Best SAP WM Training for freshers and professionals

“The most comprehensive SAP WM training course that teaches you everything you should know to become a SAP WM consultant.” 

This course is a SAP WM video training course and is a mix of relevant theory and ample hands on system demonstration on IDES for each and every WM concept with detailed explanation .This course is geared towards training you to become a Professional SAP WM functional consultant. You will learn by watching me actually perform the WM configuration and the transactions I am instructing on, and explaining step by step how to do the configuration and what is the business perspective behind the same. This course teaches you the fundamentals of SAP WM in a very easy to understand and a practical way.

You can check the exhaustive curriculum and some of the free preview lectures before enrolling .This course is designed following the curriculum prescribed by  SAP for Warehouse Management Training. 

What do you learn from this SAP WM training course-

This SAP course will enable you:

  • To have a clear understanding of the organizational structures in Warehouse Management and use the elements of Warehouse Management to map spatial conditions.
  • To configure the control of put away, stock removal, and stock transfer activities at master data and Customizing levels
  • To Integrate Warehouse Management into Logistics in SAP R/3
  • To  configure the interface between Inventory Management and Warehouse Management
  • To understand and use all the relevant master data in SAP WM.
  • To implement put away and stock removal strategies in SAP WM
  • To take into account batch management and Quality Management in the warehouse.
  • To understand how to include Warehouse Management in delivery processes.
  • To stage components for production from the warehouse.
  • To set up the warehouse activity monitor as a control instrument.
  • To Setup and execute Physical Inventory at a storage bin level.
  • To Carry out Blue printing for you warehouse.
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